Rüpert von Rom’s Must-see of the Month: The Midsummer Night’s Eve Masked Fairy Ball

Rüpert von Rom's Must-see of the Month
llustration for Fairies For Freedom, the benefit party for ALLOUT organized by Martin Butler as part of Lightness
The Midsummer Night’s Eve Masked Fairy Ball;
This month’s MUST SEE is a rather MUST DO. You must PARTY! On Midsummernight’s Eve 2014, 21st June from 8pm – 2am, we can try to make a difference. Martin Butler together with Mediamatic and SALON/ Amsterdam will host a charity Midsummer Night’s Eve Masked Fairy Ball, with 100% of money raised going to ALLOUT, an organization that focuses on changing policy, education and awareness of LTGB rights.Fighting darkness and celebrating the longest night with love, play and freedom.
For thousands of years in most cultures, the longest night has always been a celebration of hope, of freedom, a magical evening, where anything can happen, a celebration of light fighting against the darkness. In more than 79 countries around the world, lesbian, gay, transgendered and bisexual people live in that darkness. They are persecuted, imprisoned, humiliated, tortured, and brutally killed by stones, beatings or by ropes, their only crime being their expression of the act of love. (tickets/more info)

Hope to meet you there! Baci Rüpert

Fairy, Fay’s, Masks, Wings, Botanical Gardens, Elves, and other magical outings.
DJ’s; Doppelgang
Kinky Rinky
Monsieur Plastique
Performances; Michele Rizzo and LVM
Gertjan Franciscus
Real Dance Company
Art; Floris Didden (founder of Karakter, worked for Game of Thrones),
Cedric Laquieze
Gautier Pellegrin
Fashion; Angleos Bratis
Jacob Kok
Esther Meijer (Nieuw Jurk)
Lot Madeleine
Rebecca J. Ward
Corné Gabriëls
Antoine Peters

Let's make some conversation! xoxo Mimi Berlin

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