Gustav Brostrom’s Beauty Multi Masks on Instagram

Gustav Brostrom’s Beauty Multi Masks on Instagram

The instagram feed of Gustav Brostrom from Stockholm, Sweden, is filled with selfies made of his face covered in different beauty masks at the same time. Gustav mixes facial masks, patches, foams and what have you not, to create lovely images of himself. (yes we know they are called selfies)

Multimasking was the newest rage in 2015, a beauty trend we, at Mimi Berlin, completely missed out on. Basically it’s targeted skincare. By putting on multiple facial masks, or layer them simultaneously on the skin, you can treat different skin concerns at one time. Gustav Brostrom takes multimasking to the next level. Fun!

@gustavbroström. Masks en masse

Der Horst im Stockholm

Hur mår du? Mimi Fans von allover the World?? I spend a wonderful weekend in Stockholm in one of the newest and hippest hotels in Stockholm: Nobis! It is truly wunderbar: nice clean Scandinavian Design, situated next to the pilot store of Acne!! and very close to other chique shops and clubs, there is a FLATSCREEN in the room and there is an I pad available in the rooms…I love stockholm and its beautiful fashionable men.. and women ♥ Horst255637_219446504755819_3379067_n
Hotel is on Norrmalmstorg: verrry good location for shopping 🙂255171_219446368089166_3013604_n
Beautiful inside patio with LOTS of designer furniture 🙂251314_219446564755813_7884848_n
Beautiful ceiling in Patio….260454_219446434755826_3691801_n
Gold Bar for excellent expensive cocktails ^^
254447_219446638089139_859955_nModern Lobby…no shiny floors though 🙁
247826_219446701422466_8076673_noutside lounge…. for more cold drinksss
(All Photo’s by Horst Berlin)