TV Family Portraits with a Staircase

TV Family Portraits with a Staircase

At least, the ones we like the best, glamorous and over the top! AND with the biggest staircases… The Colby’s from Dynasty (1980s) and the Kardashians nowadays. #AwkwardTVFamilies

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Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.

Goodmorning! Let’s start of our Sunday by watching some great, then controversial, television from the late seventies of the previous Century. We think it can cheer up your mood for the entire day! Have fun, we know we will! Have a Nice Day xoxo Mimi

Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman Episode 1,  Series 1. This sitcom is available on DVD.

Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman is an American sitcom and a soap opera parody that aired in daily (weekday) syndication from January 1976 to May 1977. The series was produced by Norman Lear, directed by Joan Darling and Jim Drake, and starred Louise Lasser. The series writers were Gail Parent and Ann Marcus.(knowledge: wikipedia. photocredits: via natalieonflickr / via chud / via m.fanpix / via fanpix)