Vanessa Beecroft

Vanessa Beecroft

“Vanessa Beecroft‘s work addresses conceptual concerns as well as aesthetic concerns. Her performance art is often large scale and often involves live female models, often nude. At her performances, video recordings and photographs are made, to be exhibited as documentation of the performances, but also as separate works of art. She sets up a structure for the participants in her live events to create their own ephemeral composition. The performances are existential encounters between models and audience, their shame and their expectations. Each performance is made for a specific location and often references the political, historical, or social associations of the place where it is held. Beecroft’s work is deceptively simple in its execution, provoking questions around identity politics and voyeurism in the complex relationship between viewer, model and context.” (read more here)

Vanessa Beecroft has been warmly welcomed by the fashion industry since she showed  her performance art at the Guggenheim in 1998, and put the models/performers in Gucci bathing suits, she worked for Vogue, Wallpaper, Adidas

See Vanessa Beecroft’s stage setting during New York Fashion Week for Fall 2015 HERE

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