Frans Molenaar Couture Award 2013

Since 1996 Dutch Couturier Frans Molenaar presents an award for the best fashion designer of the year. The reason for creating this yearly event simply is that he wants to help new talent, just like he had help when he started out, so he told us.

ArtEZ Fashion Design BA ’13 graduate Liselore Frowijn won the Frans Molenaar Couture Award 2013 and prize money of €10.000,- to invest in a new couture collection which she’ll present next year at the 2014 issue of this Award. We feel that was well deserved!

Out of the six contestants four graduated at ArtEZ Arnhem, we have seen those collections previously in an immense old building. Liselore’s collection was the only one with the same vibe, same message, fabulous fabric development and really perfect workmanship when presented up close in the petite and very intimate salon of the couturier. Joris Suk took the opportunity to spice his presention up, his collection was accompanied by an a-tonal singer making (live) music with a plastic lettuce dryer. We also really fancied the collection by Joshua Enker, graduated at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, which was inspired by Miss Marple, WOW he developed metal, shiny fabrics, and moulded a twinset like silhouette into wonderful shapes for men and women: Miss Marple in Space…. Winner of last year, Peet Dullaert showed a small collection of women’s wear to start of the show. All together it was a joy to watch this show!!

Want some after show “this is how we do it” pictures? CLICKKKKK

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