Kitty Necklace Half Plastic and Half Silver

About Kitty Necklace

The Kitty Necklace is a design by Mimi Berlin Bijoux created with salvaged materials: plastic and silver. The plastic beads were discarded by a child at one point and the silver chain is gifted to us by Kitty, it’s an attic treasure. The silver lockets and our little logo-tag are new.


Mimi Berlin Bijoux decided to use the decorative silver ‘Haferkorn” chain to string the plastic beads and delicious food-charms together into a necklace suitable for adults. Presenting these beads, and in particular the lovely, detailed charms, in the way they should be presented: with respect with precious metal.

How to order

You can choose from a limited edition of 10 necklaces, they are all one-of-a-kind. The available colors are blue, yellow, pink, green and salmon. Prices for the ø48 cm choker-size necklaces: €45,- The longer necklaces are yours for €65,- (FREE delivery within The Netherlands) You will receive your order in beautifull gift wrapping.

Choose Your Necklace

Just click the images above to view the necklaces up-close, and to see the style names. You can order your favorite necklace by mailing to m.berlin09@gmail or via instagram @mimiberlin_amsterdam. You can also leave a reply below and we’ll get back to you.

xoxo mimi

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