Yardley Slicker

Yardley Slicker

We, at Mimi Berlin, can spend lot’s of our time looking at make-up ads and campaigns, especially the older and American ones. We do find them intriguing: the way these photo’s, texts (Come play in our Yardley!) and gifts lure you into buying a product is almost magic (in our opinion) Below some of Yardley of London advertisements for the “Slicker” collections made in the 1960s and 1970s. The name “Slicker” alone is genius by itself!

Read all about Yardley of London HERE

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Homage to The Shrimp.

Jean Shrimpton traveling in Space.
Collected by our dearest Rex Dieter.

Photo by Irving Penn, suit by Dior, Vogue 1963 (via)
© Hulton-Deutsch Collection. At the Melbourne cup november 1965 (Corbis)

Photo by Avedon, suit by NASA, HB April 1965.

Photo by Richard Avedon, Harper’s Bazaar April 1965.

Photo by Richard Avedon HB may 1965

Photo by David Bailey, Sunglasses  from Corocraft, Vogue UK, March 1968 (via)

Ultra mini Bio:
Jean Shrimpton was born in Buckinghamshire in 1942, Shrimpton graduated from Lucie Clayton’s modeling school at 17.

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