Advertising: Lavazza in your Face

The Lavazza Ad Campaign in Milan.

During Milan Design Week 2018 we were constantly confronted by Lavazza. We drank the actual coffee; at the Lavazza Tiny Bar by Toiletpaper in the Santa Teresa Library at the Brera design district, and at other locations. While drinking we were of course confronted by the merchandise itself and also; all across Milan city we saw the larger-than-life posters; many of them.


It has been a long time since we’ve felt we were in target-group. It used to happen all the time when we were younger, but nowadays there’s not so much stuff we have to buy, according to marketeers. Continue reading

Yardley Slicker

Yardley Slicker

We, at Mimi Berlin, can spend lot’s of our time looking at make-up ads and campaigns, especially the older and American ones. We do find them intriguing: the way these photo’s, texts (Come play in our Yardley!) and gifts lure you into buying a product is almost magic (in our opinion) Below some of Yardley of London advertisements for the “Slicker” collections made in the 1960s and 1970s. The name “Slicker” alone is genius by itself!

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New Party Snaps: At The Launch of Mirror Mirror Magazine

New Party Snaps: At The Launch of Mirror Mirror Magazine in Amsterdam

We, at Mimi Berlin, do take “party snaps” now and then.
‘Cause we know you like that!

new party snaps At The Launch of Mirror Mirror Magazine in Amsterdam(Georgette Koning, Ronald van der Kemp and fashion model at The launch of Mirror Mirror magazine in The Museum of Bags and Purses in Amsterdam)

We visited the launch of the independent magazine Mirror Mirror the other day. This glossy magazine is all about beauty, for women and men. It’s made with a very fashionable approach towards beauty. The magazine is not just about products; the stories behind beauty products, jewelry and fashion are equally important to editor-in-chief and art-director Georgette Koning. The obsession with eternal youth, psychology behind color and trends in jewelry are some of the topics for the first issue. The interviews with perfume makers, designers and make-up artists make a good read as well. Nice!
See all images made at the festive launch HERE

New Party Snaps: At The Launch of Mirror Mirror Magazine
Above a gif made from the editorial “Mirror Mirror Who is the Fairest of Them All” featured in the first issue of Mirror Mirror magazine. Photography and gif by Fina Makkink, make-up by Esther van Manen, hair by Tommy Hagen.

Be sure to visit the mirror mirror magazine site to check it all out for yourself…


Friday Night, Party Night! #71

Friday Night, Party Night! #71

Friday Night Party Night! 71 mimi berlin
Tonight we will be making our lips shiny to the extreme, we’ll add some bling, add red nailpolish…and head on out to the Discotheque (Grillz by Christian Ferretti for Interview Magazine April 2013

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Flash Dance

Flash Dance. Here’s how to get ready for the glamorous life. Where? At the discotheque. Or when having your photo taken by Steven Klein for Vogue Magazine, like Nikki Minaj. But probably you’ll color up just to spend another day at the office. Why? Because you can!!!

Image credits: Christian Ferretti / / Mierswa Kluska