The Gem Kingdom of Mimi Berlin
Inspired by her all-time favorite jewelry brand of the “Gem Kingdom” Mimi Berlin designed three Dreamhomes/Traum-Haüser. One for the city, one house for the country and a boudoir. The assemblages are made with the finest molded plastics from the Mattel Company, dated; 1998 trough 2002, covered in high gloss ‘Plastic Skin” (Fleetcolour #N6/N533)

“The Sagrada Familia of the dollhouses” ~ HJ Kinkhorst, 2011.

The boudoir, (15 x 60 cm) Adjustable assemblage, mounted on a transparent perspex stand.

A house for the country. Jewelry case in the shape of a small, standalone cottage with altered interior in black.IMG_0428
Detail of the City House or main building (1 x 1.20 m) Assembly.IMG_0407
The main building in the back, the boudoir in front with the country houses scattered throughout the window. In front porcelain Maria statues from the Gem KingdomIMG_0427
Mimi Berlin created the Christmas 2011 Shop Window at the Flagship store of The Gem Kingdom in Amsterdam. Above: Seen from the back.IMG_0417

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