Chanel Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2016

Chanel Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2016

Wow, again a great fashion spectacle by the House of Chanel; they created every girl’s dream, a lifesize dollhouse! Build in the Grand Palais in Paris with a green lawn and a blue sky……We also really loved the retro hairdo’s created by Sam McKnight.
Make sure to watch the instagram video of the finale at @vogueparis

All images by Gio Staiano for

We do love the digital age! This show was held this morning, January 26 at 10 AM, and we can write a blogpost about it almost instantly from the comfort of our own headquarters!

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Milano designweek 2014: Miniatures

Mimi Berlin noticed a mini trend: Miniatures. We have to be honest we only saw mini furniture at Dutch exhibitions so it really isn’t a trend, it’s an ienie mini trend or maybe just something the Dutch are interested in. At Lensvelt the designs by Maarten van Severen were miniaturized, since Lensvelt produces the furniture by the Belgian designer it can be a logical move to show them in a small size. Moooi showcased black miniatures in the hallway to the actual exhibition, where everything was larger than life and very colorful. We guess Moooi was looking for a contradiction. At Supermodels, a travelling exhibition about product design, architecture and interior architecture initiated by Concern, we saw an overview of 3D printed chairs in white by Dutch designers. Also they made a complete miniature sized design dollhouse in full color! Fun! The maquettes or scale models (1:18) of houses designed by Dutch archtitects shown at Supermodels can’t be counted in as miniatures because they are functional design devices. But these scale models were the only accountability for showing miniature furniture in white.

James Casebere, Landscape with Houses.

James Casebere, Landscape with Houses: These photograps by American artist James Casebere appear to be of a well-groomed, suburban neighborhood, complete with pastel sunset. But in fact it’s of a tiny model town, painstakingly built by hand, using plaster, wood, cardboard and cheesecloth.

Dollhouses by Architects

As you all know Mimi Berlin is found of dollhouses, (we even once created our own dream-houses) you can imagine our happiness when we stumbled upon these seriously designed dollhouses. We posted our favorite four out of a series of twenty houses, designed by famous architects.

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The Gem Kingdom of Mimi Berlin
Inspired by her all-time favorite jewelry brand of the “Gem Kingdom” Mimi Berlin designed three Dreamhomes/Traum-Haüser. One for the city, one house for the country and a boudoir. The assemblages are made with the finest molded plastics from the Mattel Company, dated; 1998 trough 2002, covered in high gloss ‘Plastic Skin” (Fleetcolour #N6/N533)

“The Sagrada Familia of the dollhouses” ~ HJ Kinkhorst, 2011.

The boudoir, (15 x 60 cm) Adjustable assemblage, mounted on a transparent perspex stand.

A house for the country. Jewelry case in the shape of a small, standalone cottage with altered interior in black.IMG_0428
Detail of the City House or main building (1 x 1.20 m) Assembly.IMG_0407
The main building in the back, the boudoir in front with the country houses scattered throughout the window. In front porcelain Maria statues from the Gem KingdomIMG_0427
Mimi Berlin created the Christmas 2011 Shop Window at the Flagship store of The Gem Kingdom in Amsterdam. Above: Seen from the back.IMG_0417

Lifesize dollhouses

Architectural installation by Nika Zupanc, 2009, (mocoloco)
Hello Kitty House in Taipei via Isa Bonita’s Live Journal
“Perforated House” by Kavellaris Urban Design 2008 (via)
“MAISON DE POUPEE” built for the project Made by Emanuelle Antille and Jean-Luc Manz in 2007.
“The first floor bedroom of this house in Java is disguised as a truck driving through the wall” designed by Gayuh Budi Utomo. (Dezeen)

Prada Real Fantasies Fall Winter 2011/12 Motionbook

Balenciaga – Video Resort 2012