Fish Figurines Toys for Girls

Fish Figurines

New! Fish figurines by Mimi Berlin. Toys for Girls from the Bagatelle series.
Below we present: “Used Fish” and ‘Fish Lamp 3’! These fish figurines, well actually they are whales, are based on our classic Fish Lamp in black. The ‘Used fish’ and the ‘Fish lamp 3’ are assembled with hard-plastic (second hand found, early plastics, tupperware, rubber and a led-light.) The tails are made of pressed glass. Both figurines are unique and signed pieces.

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Chang and Eng Bunker Figurine

Chang and Eng Bunker

This wonderful antique porcelain figurine is probably a souvenir from the mid 1800s. It’s a ‘portrait’ of the famous Siamese twins Chang and Eng Bunker. The Bunker’s performed throughout the mid 1800’s and had 21 children combined. Change and Eng passed away 1874 at the age of 62.

Chang and Eng Bunker Figurine

Siamese Twins

The original Siamese twins Chang and Eng Bunker (1811–1874), were born in Siam (Thailand). The brothers traveled the world for many years as performers. (or freaks) Chang and Eng were joined at the torso by a band of flesh and they had fused livers.. Due to the brothers’ fame and the rarity of the condition, the term “Siamese twins” is still used as a synonym for conjoined twins.


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Happy Birtday to You Dear Dearest

Dear Dearest

Happy Birtday to You: here’s a cake for you!

‘Happy Birtday to You Dear Dearest’ is a statuette by Mimi Berlin from the ‘Bagatelle‘ series. The ‘Cake Bagatelle’ is an everlasting cake with one, fake, candle,  It’s pink and made from hard-plastic. (ø 7,5 x 17 cm, Vintagedeluxe Tupperware/led-light). Want to see more statuettes by Mimi Berlin? Click Here.

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Bartje The Dutch Farmer Boy

Bartje The Dutch Farmer Boy

A Dutch Icon in a still-life in stone set by Mimi Berlin.Bartje The Dutch Farmer Boy

The boy in the middle is Bartje Bartels. He is a little farmer boy from Drenthe, a province of The Netherlands. He is brought up in a very poor family. Writer Anne de Vries came up with this caracter in 1935 and named his book after him. He wrote two booksabout Bartje. The quote Ik bid niet veur brune bonen” (I don’t pray for brown beans) became well known in The Netherlands after Bartje became a tv series in 1972. The egg on the right is made out of concrete by Bloomingville. The Powercharger on the left is from Kreafunk. Just so you know! Have a nice day! xoxo



Lace in your Face

Lace in your Face

streetart, beauty and a stattuette / / /

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