Pink Laundry MB Stock images

Pink Laundry

A new diptych is added to Mimi Berlin’s image library for you to enjoy! This pair is called Pink Laundry.

Diptych Image Library

On the left MB000021 Pink Bubbles. On the right; MB000022 Bambi Laundry. Both images were made in Amsterdam 2020.

MB Stock Images

MB Stock Images is Mimi Berlin’s image library, photography also by Ms Berlin.
Added and unique value to this library is that you buy in pairs, always and only. In other words: it’s a diptych image library.

Have a look, maybe you need this imagery, and maybe you don’t. Either way, don’t say we didn’t offer. If you are interested please leave a reply and we’ll get in touch.
Have a nice day! xoxo Mimi Berlin

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Mary Blair for Walt Disney

Mary Blair for Walt Disney

(images via
Mary Blair worked at Disney studios for almost 3 decades, starting in the 1940s. Mary Blair was an art director as well as an illustrator.  She was credited on the Peter Pan, Cinderella and Alice and Wonderland films as ‘color stylist’ …..but she was obviously so much more.
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Fashion Fairy Tale F/W 2014: Officially Licensed

Fashion Fairy Tale f/w 2014; Snow White at Red Valentino in Milan.

Walt Disney’s Snow White as a fashion theme at Red Valentino. Or should we call this small collection just Disney merchandise? Yes we will, because that’s what it is. While we’re at it let’s buy that funny I-phone decal by Disney as well! We’ll put our phone in the Moschino/McDonalds/Chanel purse, (designed by Jeremy Scott for his first collection for  Moschino.) It all will match wonderfully with the SpongeBob Squarepants coat (most likely officially licensed as well), also from Moschino.  We would if we were 20 years younger, maybe.
(image via decalator, fashion images via

Fashion Fairy Tale F/W 2014: Little Red Riding Hood

Dancing Foods

A naughty sausage, marvelous how the bun is portrayed as the most adult one of the two! Drive-In intermission 1960’s. Showed during a short break to lure the audience to the snack counter.  HERE on YouTube, you’ll see about 6 minutes of those intermission’s

Simple but effective, look at the nutcracker’s little knees! Taken from Thru the Mirror, a Mickey Mouse cartoon produced by Walt Disney Productions, released by United Artists in 1936. (via randar)