Red-Hot Cowgirl Fashion for WOTH Magazine nr 14

Red-Hot Cowgirl

De Red-Hot Cowgirl draagt een perfecte outfit voor de Zomer van 2019 volgens Mimi Berlin. Relaxed mèt glamour: op workwear geinspireerd en uitgevoerd in high-tech materialen. Het alledaagse her-ontworpen in superzacht leer met high-end afwerkingen. Dit alles overgoten met een care-free jaren tachtig saus van draagbaarhed, glans, prints, kleur en plezier.

Red-Hot Cowgirl collage mimi berlin for woth magazine

(tekst,trend-styling/beeld: Mimi Berlin voor WOTH Magazine nummer 14/ Nieuws Mode Shopping. Bovenstaand origineel artwork)

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Fashion by Acne Studios Fall/Winter 2017 for Men

Fashion by Acne Studios Fall/Winter 2017 for Men

Acne Studios’ Jonny Johansson was inspired by “Keanu Reeves’s swollen face.” for the fall/winter 2017 men’s collection. (we read that on vogue .com)

From the Acne Studios Press Release: “I realised that businessmen don’t exist anymore, even though the world has chosen business. It led me to think about working men in the 80s, and how they fetishised their clothing. I wanted to bring that same respect for fabric and shape to this collection.”  – Jonny Johansson, Creative Director

Usually we don’t read anything before we write down about what’s going on in our own minds when we make a runway review, but in this case we’re glad we did: the ‘swolen face’ inspiration is just too funny, but the press release made more sense to us, at Mimi Berlin.


Anyway; In our opinion Acne Studios created very cuddly nerds; a species that could be studied by a, probably not so much nerdy, audience who were seated on benches in a lecture hall. We imagine it must have been something like a biological-fashion-anthropologie-class experience, Fun! We wished we were there. (also because we fancy the designs by Acne Studios very much)

(images courtesy of

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Mimi’s Thoughts on Fashion, January 2017: Faces

Mimi Berlin’s Fashion Report January 2017: Faces

To cover the face. In layers of colorful (silk) scarves.

From left to right: Walter van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2017. Editorial; Bliss Mummification on the rise, styling by Indiana Roma Voss. Hassan Kurbanbaev, Autoportraits Series. Please click links if you are interested in more of these works. (img via /

Mimi’s thoughts on fashion during Men’s fashionweek F/W 2017: It’s Fashion Week all around the world. we decided upon just sharing our fashionable thoughts with you; instead of our usual Fashion/Runway/Trend reports.

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Spring 2016 Men’s Wear Runway Review

Spring 2016 Men’s Wear Runway Review

4 days spent in the year 2016 and while it’s still wintertime we, at Mimi Berlin, feel it’s time to focus on the spring collections for men…..

Shine in red


Clouds and Bunnies

Childhood Allovers

Chinese bomber


Fall 2015 Prêt-à-Porter: Knitwear

Fall 2015 Prêt-à-Porter: Knitwear

Patchwork with cable knits in tonal whites or contrasting black and white. >>click to enlarge images (via