Must-See God’s Plan new video by Drake

Must-See God’s Plan new music video by Drake

This! No words. ‘Anything you want in this store is free’. Drake made a lot of people beyond happy, including us at Mimi Berlin. Hope you get something out of it as well.
Peace xoxo Mimi


In this video performing artist Drake is giving away about 1 million dollars to people and charities in Miami: do make sure you watch it till the end! God’s Plan is part of ‘Scary Hours’ Drake’s newest EP whith 2 songs only: ‘God’s Plan’ and ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ (The EP was Released in the weekend of the government shutdown in the USA. January 20, 2018) Continue reading

Melina’s, Hollywood, Florida

Melinda’s is a lingerie shop in Hollywood beach. Times haven’t changed much for Melinda’s. She has to make ends meet though, we guess that used to be quite different. According to the size of the store and it being on the High street of Downtown Hollywood this maybe used to be a chique shop. As you can see Melinda’s is keeping a relatively prudent lingerie store, she must be of age. Anyways, we can go on fantasizing but we won’t. See the true story at the end of this post.


Photo’s by Mimi Berlin 2011

Geo Rodriguez made this short movie about Melina’s Shoppe in 2009.Melina’s: 2010 Hollywood Blvd Hollywood, FL 33019. USA

Michael van den Besselaar

New work on show at Pulse Miami 2011.(Dec 1-4, 2011)
Reconstruction of an irrupted Reality, 2011, oil on linen.
Aesthetics of Contemporary Power, 2011, oil on linen.

Van den Besselaar’s work is in major private and public collections, such as the Museum of Modern Art, Den Haag, The Netherlands, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam, The Netherlands and others. Michael Van den Besselaar lives and works in Paris, France.

Battus Philenor Letale, 2010
Rebellion of Technology (the procreation of Diem Bien Phu)2010.

All of his paintings are oil on linen, and are usually quite large.
We really could post all of his work, we love everything, see for yourself: What do you think? Are we right or are we right?!