Raw Color: Tinctorial Textiles

Raw Color: Tinctorial Textiles. Tinctorial Textiles is a new step in the research on natural pigment. Having mainly experimented with vegetable dyes in the past it was a new step to explore the area of plant dyes. 13 curtain panels executed in semi translucent wool overlap with other eachother to create colour blends between the panels.

Raw Color teamed up for dyeing the fibers with Ecological Textiles, who is specialized to work with organic wool and dying with natural colours. For the pigments we used the knowledge of Rubia Natural Colour a dutch company specialised in the development of natural colour. The applied dyes are for one part taken from the companies palette and for the other part especially developed for this project.

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feeling green about indigo

feeling green about indigo

Feeling green about indigo? IMPOSSIBLE! The denim industry is a huge and horrible one, it affects both the environment and people: it turns rivers blue and people sick. It isn’t and can’t be sustainanable in any way…..

This post is about facts. We aren’t going to quote articles or tweak them into our own words. (We only recycle when useful and we don’t want to clutter The Web too much) So please click the links to read and see what we feel everybody should know about (their) jeans.


UN-FABULOUS_Those faded, distressed blue jeans might be harboring a dirty secret. By Lily Kuo in Chinavia qz.com)

Reuters/Bobby Yip_Even dirtier than they look
feeling green about indigo

Wastewater discharged from a denim washing factory in Xintang, Zengcheng. In Xintang, where the economy is centered around textile production, Greenpeace has found high levels of industrial pollution and has documented the effects on the community.



River Blue, The Movie