Helen Konig Scavini for Ceramiche Lenci

Helen Konig Scavini for Ceramiche Lenci

OMG! How ridiculously beautiful are these porcelain face masks!? They are made in the 1930s by Helen Konig Scavini. Auch Haben! with our own “History of Circus Legends” headscarves!!!

images via invaluable.com / the-saleroom.com

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Headless Girls: Circus Legends on Film

Headless Girls

Mimi Berlin’s Circus legends came to life! Meet the Headless Girls in the photoseries and the short movie ‘Conversations 1 ‘at in the park’ made by Daan/Jansen at Mimi Berlin.

Dutch duo Daan / Jansen collaborated on the photo series ‘Headless Girls’ for Mimi Berlin. They imagined two women who used to work being a circus act in the beginning of the 20th century. These “Headless Girls” meet again after decades, at a park, to have a conversation about the past.

(Models; Beja von Bis and D.Ot, Assistent; Sterre van der Waals. Thanks to The Vintage Snatcher for the Courrèges dress, The women are wearing silk scarves designed by Mimi Berlin.)

The History of Circus Legends

The inspiration source for this collaboration is The History of Circus Legends; a group of surreal circus figurines which are unique readymades made by Mimi Berlin.

History of Circus Legends by Mimi Berlin

Jackie Kennedy/Onassis VS Grace Kelly/Princess Grazia in a Headscarf

Jackie Kennedy/Onassis VS Grace Kelly/Princess Grazia in a Headscarf

Mimi’s Brainbreaker Week; Which of these fabulous women wore the headscarf the best?
Is Jackie or Grace your favorite?

Jackie Kennedy/Onassis

Grace Kelly/Princess Grazia de Monaco

Our Winner is Jackie! We think in runs in the family….

Hair on a Silk Headscarf

Hair on a Silk Headscarf

How wonderful are these prints?! A headscarf with hair, what a great idea. The one on the right is from Hermès. We could’t find any information on these designs. If you know anything about them, or similar ones please let us know. (images via Katerina Jebb / foundvalue)

We asked Ms Jebb for the designer of the scarf….it’s Givenchy