Post-World War II Sunray Therapy

Post-World War II Sunray Therapy

“Post-World War II, until the Sixties, ‘sunray therapy’ — the therapeutic use of ultra-violet lamps — was widely championed across the UK as an antidote for everything from throat infections to acne.” (via

We think these images of the sunray therapy rooms are simply stunning! Just sharing. Have a nice day! xoxo Mimi Berlin

Staying healthy with ultra-violet lamps (and goggles)

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Last year’s fashion trends/Moutarde après le Repas. According to Dazed Magazine Normcore, Healthgoth and Athleisure were the top 3 most googled buzzwords in 2014. These hybrid words describe fashion trends, which have in common that they aren’t just trends but a lifestyle. Or so they are described if they are to be explained.

But we all know they ARE fashion trends.

Normcore is a unisex fashion trend characterized by unpretentious, average-looking clothing. “Normcore” is a portmanteau of the words “normal” and “hardcore”. The word first appeared in webcomic Templar, Arizona before 2009 and was later employed by K-Hole, a trend forecasting group, in an October 2013 report called “Youth Mode: A Report on Freedom” ( A subculture based on conscious, artificial adoption of things that are in widespread use, proven to be acceptable, or otherwise inoffensive. Ultra-conformists.( Meet Norma Normcore (—definition)

Health Goth is an aesthetic revolving around biotechnology, monochrome sportswear, fetish culture, extreme cleanliness, and rendered environments. Healthgoth has roots in “street goth” but focuses on trans-humanism, Net art, technical sportswear, bionic body parts, combat gear and an understanding of whole body and mental health. ( Originated, April 2013 by the Healthgod Community on Facebook ( Health Goth Is More Than A Fashion Trend ( More mainstream at; encourages physical fitness, DIY culture, is anti corporate worship and idleness (

Healthgoth is the new Athleisure ( But it seems to us it’s a friendlier version of healthgoth for the masses.

Athleisure of course defines the mix of high-fashion and high-performance sportswear. or; wear your fitness gear to work. Beyoncé and Topshop Team-Up For Ath-leisure Brand. In Topshop London for Fall 2015 ( Why you will soon be wearing gym-ready gear even if you don’t want to work out (

Just so you know, and can be ready for the next “I’ts-a-lifestyle-trend”

In Style to the Gym

 In Style to the Gym

In Style to the Gym
Powerplate by Kenzo designed in a limited edition (2009)
Never change in the gym! Just put on your Vinyl boots designed by Nicholas Kirkwood for Louise Gray (Winter 11).