Miriam Miller in a Box

Miriam Miller in a Boxmiriammiller_box
Miriam Miller as “The Blue Law Girl” appearing in a show at the Hippodrome, 1921.

New York, New York 1921 Hippodrome dancer Miriam Miller wearing producer Charles Dillingham’s “Blue Laws” solution to the revealing costumes currently worn on stage. She is “The Blue Law Girl The Blue Law Girl is a photograph by Underwood Archives which was uploaded on October 11th, 2015. (via fineartamerica.com) (img via tumblr)

A Wardrobe for Vicky in Ladies’ Home Journal


Paper-doll girls need lots of clothes to change into. So do real girls—especially in summer, when there are so many more things to do. Paper-doll girls don’t need to worry about money, but real girls do. That’s why we went out to find four complete, fresh-as-a-summer-breeze wardrobes—each for less than $100. So here’s to the happiest summer ever, always looking pert and pretty as a paper-doll.”

Paper Doll fashion editorial from LadiesHome Journal, 1967.

Images from Ladies’ Home Journal, 1967 (via mostly paper dolls)