Vorm-Fellows-Attitude by Gelitin


Dear Diary,

Yesterday we went to Museum Boijmans in Rotterdam to see the exhibition Vorm-Fellows-Attitude by Gelitin (a group of four artists from Vienna, Austria. The group was formerly known as Gelatin and changed their name in 2005.) which was opened last weekend. We, at Mimi Berlin, had a really good time! First we got to pick out an outfit from the rack filled with abstract nude suits. You can imagine that we were already thrilled! The garments were actually quite nice, design-wise. All suited up we made some selfies, everybody did, and went into the main room. The large space is filled with 4 or so, giant turds (a lump of excrement) laid on Persian carpets. So, imagine people walking in these suits in between under and behind those brown sculptures (which were quite realistic, material-wise). We could not stop laughing, honestly, we had SO much fun!

xoxo Mimi


At the end of the day all the suits were sprayed, not sure with what, maybe an odor killer or sanatising product.

Poop-cock-and-tits fun

Of course there is a deeper meaning behind all the poop-cock-and-tits fun. Read what Gelitin has to say about that below, or just go visit the Vorm-Fellows-Attitude show and find out for yourself, which is always the best thing to do, in our opinion.

“Oui, by the love of my skin
I shit on Your nose
So it runs down Your chin
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


RuPaul’s Drag Race The Pit Stop

RuPaul’s Drag Race The Pit Stop

Confession time; We, at Mimi Berlin, binge watched the season 9 ‘Pit Stop’ with Raja the other day. Why? Because RuPaul said we could! Since we haven’t seen a single episode yet (partly true that) it’s also a nice way to get in the know on Season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race as well. The season “Grand Finale” will be held on June 23 (note to self). For yous who never heard of this award-winning-reality-series we suggest you go see the wikipedia page to get acquainted, or just start watching it from season 1 on….

Reviewing episode 9 in lilac heels. Continue reading

Miriam Miller in a Box

Miriam Miller in a Boxmiriammiller_box
Miriam Miller as “The Blue Law Girl” appearing in a show at the Hippodrome, 1921.

New York, New York 1921 Hippodrome dancer Miriam Miller wearing producer Charles Dillingham’s “Blue Laws” solution to the revealing costumes currently worn on stage. She is “The Blue Law Girl The Blue Law Girl is a photograph by Underwood Archives which was uploaded on October 11th, 2015. (via fineartamerica.com) (img via tumblr)

Who wore H&M to the Met Gala?

Who wore H&M to the Met Gala?

(images courtesy of H&M)
Bringing some yes-you-poor-folk-also-could-wear-apropriate-attire-for-a-gala glamour to the Met Gala were m
odel Amber Valletta, singers Jennifer Hudson and Ciara, unknown persons, to us at Mimi Berlin, Hailee Stenfeld, Lucky Blue and Pyper Smith by wearing custom made dresses by the H&M design team. (Sorry, we could’t be bothered to find out who all these celebrities are) Continue reading

Friday Night, Party Night! #89

Friday Night, Party Night! #89

Getting donned up to party; before we applicate our  (moss green) eye shadow we’ll polish our nails a champagne pink color…

(gif via realbronxbetty)

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