ArtEZ Arnhem Graduation Fashion Show 2014

This year 24 bachelor students graduated at the fashion department of ArtEZ Arnhem. We always are astonished by what students learn to create in just 4 years! This year they showed a great variety and diversity in “handwriting” this always makes do for a great graduation show!
Having said that; we always feel the need to categorize; We saw collections with a “strict concept” based on shapes: Chris Wienk based and named her collection on Möbius (a surface with only one side and only one boundary component discovered by mathematician August Ferdinand Möbius) Karin Vlug’s collection “One square fits all” was designed with, yes; squares only, linked and embellished with sturdy stitches. She created a fashionable collection with a beautiful balance between concept shape and garment.
Developing/reasearch of techniques in fabrics: Vera Roggli developed a way to attach different fabrics into heavy (transparent) rubber, revealing the raw edges and manipulating the silhouette of the garment. She also used the rubber for less extreme purposes such as “logo” placement on her dresses based on the traditional polo shirt. Wieke Sinnige designed “plissée plus fabrics” she incorporated for instance shiny plates into her intricate plissée fabrics or added prints onto them. They both styled their collections with great taste and humor, in our opinion. Lisa Konno researched waste; her collection was made with fabrics which were developed from (textile) left-overs. Veva van der Wolf’s showed a knitted collection, this is not just plain knitting. It is meticulously detailed, and serious intricate knitwear. At first glance her collection “Kleinheid” doesn’t look like knitwear at all, it’s romantic, colorful feeling is very present as well. Amongst the students are many strong –Dessin/Print designers; Loes van Nijnatten showed digital allover prints. Lily Kleipol created colorful dessins which altered the fabrics as well.
Cathelijen Wagener embellished her dessin by hand  and Adinda Anna Borgers embroidered her dessins by hand. Chiara Siahaan’s painted her allover prints by hand. Charlotte Henskens not only made her dessins and details (a.o. tonal embossing) by hand, her complete collection was made by hand. She showed a bold collection with strong silhouettes. -Moulage/Draping/Folding. was incoprporated by almost all students, but most visible at the collections of Iris Merks, Pui-Yie Au, Joyce van Seggelen, Hiu Fung Lau and Cathelijen Wagener. In a romantic way by Sineád O’Dwyer and Susanne Venbrux, in a more street-wise manner by Chiara Siahaan and Nathalie Moens, Twisted moulage/patterns were designed by Akelei Loos, Vera Roggli and of course by earlier mentioned Chris Wienk, all with their own touch to it.
We had a great time watching the show and we wish all the students good fortune!
View the filmed finale HERE

We also visited the presentations of the Fashion Design Masters, more on that HERE

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