Donny Osmond, the World of a Fan

Donny you’re a part of my life <3

Mimi Berlin suddenly had a small crush on Donny Osmond. Why? You ask of us. Well, we visited the Heden Gallery in The Hague the other day and got a tour to the upstairs house. The gallery owns that place, but was rented out. The house was in the state the family had lived in for years and years. The remnants of a teenage girl’s room caught our attention. She was clearly a Donny Osmond fan, she even wrote on her wall that he was part of her life. Herr Kaldenbach made wonderful photo’s in the former home of the family, they were the inspiration for us, at Mimi Berlin, to try and create the world of the Donny Osmond fan.


Slanted Polaroid, a digital collage.

donny.slanted polaroid collage by JW Kaldenbach and Mimi Berlin MMXIX
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Polaroids and Bananas

Polaroids and Bananas

polaroids_bananas_neon copy

What does one do killing spare time on a Sunday? Right….take pictures.

Mimi Memories; Playing around with the Polaroid camera, bananas and a portable neon light…….fun in, what obviously has to be, the 1980s.(tiger print t-shirt from Fiorruci) Found on the attic of Mimi Berlin Headquarters, in one of the boxes filled with polaroid pictures. Most of them even more vague (in topic as well as in quality) as the ones above.





Polaroids by Guy Bourdin

Polaroids by Guy Bourdin

Polaroids in Black and White by fashion photographer Guy Bourdin (1928–1991),
What do we see here? You ask of us when you were born in the digital age. Well here we have a set of polaroid pictures they are in black and white because the colored ones didn’t exist yet. Polaroids were made before the actual shooting begun to see if the composition, light etc. was right. They were THE tool before taking the actual (colour, in this case) pictures with a film-roll in the camera (gathered by Rex Dieter,  via actualcolorsmayvary)

Self Portraits by Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol enjoyed dressing for parties in drag, sometimes in dresses of his own design. He admired “the boys who spend their lives trying to be complete girls,” so in 1981 he and a photographic assistant, Christopher Makos, agreed to collaborate on a session portraying Warhol in drag. In many ways, they modeled the series on Man Ray’s 1920s work with the French artist Marcel Duchamp, in which the two artists created a female alter ego name Rrose Sélavy for Duchamp.

Warhol and Makos made a number of pictures, both black-and-white prints and color Polaroids, of their first attempt. For the second round of pictures, they hired a theater makeup person. This stage professional better understood the challenge of transforming a man’s face into that of a woman. After the makeup, Warhol tried on curled, straight, long, short, dark, and blonde wigs. Here he appears in a conventionally masculine white shirt and plaid tie. (read more > (images via glambamglitter)

Lee Radziwill

Lee Radziwill
Caroline Lee Bouvier Canfield Radziwill Ross (née Bouvier, born March 3, 1933) best known as Lee Radziwill, is an American socialite, public relations executive, and former actress and interior decorator. She is the younger sister of the late First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and the niece of Edith Ewing Bouvier Beale.
Lee Radziwill
With Mario Testino in 2010.
Lee Radziwill
With Calvin Klein in 2009.
Lee Radziwill
With Truman Capote in the seventies.
With Rudolf Nureyev in the seventies.

With Andy Warhol in the seventies.
With Andy Warhol and Truman Capote (notice Mr. Warhol’s happiness about the polaroid on the right)

With Beau Peter Tufo in 1975, photo by Ron Gallela/GettyImages.

With Herbert Ross in 1988.
With Prince Stanislas Radziwill in 1968. (photo Bettmann/CORBIS)


Lee Radziwill has been married three times. Her first marriage, in April 1953, was to Michael Temple Canfield, (DO read his bio!) They divorced in 1959. Unfortunately we could’t find pictures of them together.
Her second marriage, on March 19, 1959, was to the Polish prince Stanisław Albrecht Radziwill,  they divorced in 1974.

Ms Radziwill and Peter Tufo had a long relashionship, they split up in 1978

In 1979 she became engaged to California hotel magnate Newton Cope, but the wedding was called off five minutes before the ceremony was to begin.

On September 23, 1988, she became the second wife of American film director and choreographer Herbert Ross. They divorced in 2001, shortly before his death.