Flash Dance

Flash Dance. Here’s how to get ready for the glamorous life. Where? At the discotheque. Or when having your photo taken by Steven Klein for Vogue Magazine, like Nikki Minaj. But probably you’ll color up just to spend another day at the office. Why? Because you can!!!

Image credits: Christian Ferretti / Vogue.com / Mierswa Kluska

ArtEZ Fashion Design Diamond Jubilee

Yesterday we attended the Diamond Jubilee (that’s 60 years) Reunion of ArtEZ Fashion Design in Arnhem, together with 350 other alumni. We had so much fun, we listened to speeches, hugged old schoolmates, admired work of students, had our pictures taken, ate a slice of pizza and drank lot’s of champagne. Standing in the classrooms, were we spent all of our days for 5 years, XX years ago, we pointed out what had changed and remembered how it all used to be, sweet memories, they lit the corners of our minds…..

(Photo’s by Wendelien Daan)