Royal Wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Royal Wedding

In case you didn’t notice: American actress Meghan Markle* and British Prince Harry got married yesterday. It was really hard to be missed, only if you don’t own a tv or aren’t on any social media you could not have known.
Anyways, we guess we all saw the images: of the royal wedding dress and veil, by Givenchy, the lonely mother Markle (that’s probably not her name ’cause she isn’t married anymore to Meghan’s estranged father: hope that we have that info right and he isn’t dead or someting awful like that) Camilla Parker Bowles, Ophrah and one of the Williams tennis-sisters wearing pastel pink. Posh & Beck’s in black, George and Mrs Clooney; the Mrs in a yellow dress and Queen Elizabeth in a bright lime (green) ensemble.

The Glamour

The pop-stars, actors and other celebs quite stole the show, more so than the aristocratic guests (With exception of Camilla Parker B. because of her hug-pink-ruffled hat.) The British Dukes and Duchesses and what have you not, looked a bit scruffy compared to the American guests, who are always dressed to be glamorous, to be noticed and who are more comfortable being in the ‘spotlights’ ’cause it’s their job.

Royal Wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
(imagecredits: Immo Klink for The New Yorker.)

Okay, because we’ve all seen the images described above a thousand times by now:
we were happy to see the photo reportage made outside of Windsor Castle by Immo Klink (for the New Yorker magazine.) The British commoners, and probably some uninvited nobles, all fans of the Royals, had a completely different party of their own. They seem to be sincerely happy for the newly wed couple! Make sure to watch all of these images via the New Yorker link above, they are touching.

*Meghan Markle  is was an American actress best known for her role in the series ‘Suits’.

View Prince Harry’s mother on her weddingday here, on this blog

Holthaus Generations

Holthaus Generations

holthaus_generationsPortrait of Joey Holthaus by Mimi Berlin, 2015. (Paraphrasing ‘Brides’ 1968 by Dutch photographer Paul Huf & Dutch couturier Dick Holthaus) Joey Holthaus is wearing a vintage Dick Holthaus dress in 100% wool.

During the concept phase of  Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest #4, we came up with many, many ideas. Our initinal concept was to paraphrase the “Brides” image dressed in Dick Holthaus couture and photographed by Paul Huf in 1968.  Somehow this idea got lost during the making of Fashion-Fest #4 in the studio, our group-portait turned out to be different. The portrait of Joey Holthaus above turned out to be like the original concept, it’s a wonderful by-product of Mimi Berlin’s Fashion Fest #4: two flies in one hit, as they say in Dutch.

(Dick Holthaus dress from the 1960s is available from kabinet-vintage)

Introduction at Vogue Fashion’s Night Out

Introduction at Vogue Fashion’s Night Out

Introduction at Vogue Fashion's Night OutIntroducing the leather black dress (TLBD) by BLCK at Vogue’s Fashion Night Out at Azzurro Due in Amsterdam. Mimi Berlin Blogger Team visited the PC Hooftstraat and made some snaps of The Dutch version of Vogue Fashion’s Night Out >>>This Is How We Do It! check’em out HERE

Mad Men Mustard

We have to be honest, the historically accurate styling is one of the most strong points of the AMC tv series Mad Men. Janie Bryant is responsible for the costume designs. Sometimes we come across pictures that show were Ms Bryant got the mustard, like the one below of Arlene Dahl.
Arlene Dahl 1960s
Arlene Dahl, actress and former MGM contract star, 1950’s (via stirredstraightup)style-blogs-the-gq-eye-madmen10_h
Mad Men: Joan (courtesy AMCtv (via gq)