Five Inches of Limbo by Annie Collinge

Five Inches of Limbo by Annie Collinge

Photographer Annie Collinge’s project “Five Inches of Limbo” is based on dolls she found in New York junk stores with portraits of people who look like them, mainly strangers she met on the street or subway.

The Five Inches of Limbo Publication is for sale/25.3 cm X 18.2cm
Soft cover, hand sewn with letterpress slip case/20 pages
Edition of 150 and signed and numbered. A poem by Margaret Atwood is included in the publication, which was designed by Claire Huss. (images courtesy of the artist)



This year’s most lovely, vintage make-up bag in the world! They look like fifties designs, they are leather with a kiss lock, embossed with a golden print of lips, lipstick an eye, a pencil and, our favorite, the word Cosmétiques. (it’s equally nice as Discotheque)  The lining is made of plastic. Most of the purses are unsigned, except for West-Germany in some of them. There are some variations to be found in the print design, so we suspect they were common and not to expensive, maybe even sold worldwide, who knows?

mimi_berlin_cosmetiques-1Auch Haben!? Get it here from MimiMall

If anyone has more information about these designs please contact us or let us know in a reply. That would be SO welcome….Thank You!

Second hand usa: Santa Barbara, CA

Vintage on State Street, Santa Barbara, CA.
Antique Alley,
A gigantic store filled with all kinds of vintage, and some new stuff. 
The owner told us this shop is there for our entertainment. It sure was, our favourite on State Street.
Yellowstone Vintage, clothing  mixed with, too much, popular new stuff. A few gems can be found though.
but be prepared for high prices when you find one.
Random, a
‘Sanford-and-son’  kinda store, everything imaginable can be found here, not all vintage, but nice.
vintage everything, but mostly ceramics and glassware. All items are very tastefully displayed.
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