Happy Birtday to You Dear Dearest

Dear Dearest

Happy Birtday to You: here’s a cake for you!

‘Happy Birtday to You Dear Dearest’ is a statuette by Mimi Berlin from the ‘Bagatelle‘ series. The ‘Cake Bagatelle’ is an everlasting cake with one, fake, candle,  It’s pink and made from hard-plastic. (ø 7,5 x 17 cm, Vintagedeluxe Tupperware/led-light). Want to see more statuettes by Mimi Berlin? Click Here.

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Glossy Plastic by Kartell

Glossy Plastic by Kartell

We know Kartell produces glossy plastic furniture, new for us was the Kartell fashion line; bags, boots and shoes. Kartell collaborated with Giorgiana Zappieri and .normaluisa, together they created a range of plastic accessories (not only in pink, also available in black whte and several other color-combo’s). The shoes are a bit Melissa-like, but the bags (aren’t they sticky when worn over the shoulder?) we truly like…… (buy at .normaluisa)