It’s TimeToParr with Photographer Martin Parr and Gucci


Make-believe street photography in Italy and in Asia. British photographer Martin Parr worked for the Gucci watches campaign, the result is lovely! Hashtag:TimeToParr.

The images above are taken from the Gucci site view more of these images HERE at

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Illustrations by Ignasi

Illustrations by Ignasi

Ignasi is “a digital artist from Barcelona, living and working in London.” So it states on Ignasi’s website. Ignasi makes films and illustrations: best go to the website and browse for yourself; if you like this work as much as we, at Mimi Berlin, do that is.

Commisioned work; illustrations, gif’s and films by Ignasi are almost all given by fashion- houses like Dior, Gucci, Bally, Louboutin and Louis Vuitton.
instagram: @ignasimonreal
(images are screenshots; see for specifics below images)

Gucci CCampaign

Gucci CCampaign

Gucci Spring Summer 2016 Campaign Film. “The director’s cut of the Spring Summer 2016 advertising campaign, a short film by Glen Luchford. Creative director: Alessandro Michele. Art director: Christopher Simmonds. (Music: “Goodbye Horses” from the motion picture “Married to the Mob”)”

Picture the scene above in real life; Place youself in the Berliner U-Bahn-Passage (or any other subway/metro station you have to be on a daily basis) BOOM. Suddenly you are surrounded by a group of running kids, dressed, immaculately coordinated with each other, in extraordinary-expensive-colorful-silk-clothes-hats-shoes-sunglasses. Hahaha, now that would lighten up your daily route on the metro, wouldn’t it!?
If only this clip mimicked an inch of real-transportation-life, maybe it’s 1% of an inch of city center life in Paris, but certainly not, nothing, like in Berlin! (or any other city in the world)
No matter: dreams are dreams and this one is funny. With the bonus of getting to know all the Gucci products in a very casual way. Clever!

Below one of replies on this clip on Gucci’s YouTube channel we’d like to share with you. Not sure if we agree but it put a smile on our faces.Screen Shot You Tube_Gucci

Public transportation seems to be a “thing” for the Spring/Summer Fashion season of 2016. The Prada boys and girls are travelling by public transport (in an unrealistic, graphic world). The Chanel show was a complete make-believe airport situation, and we’re sure there are many other examples to be found…