KingsDay in Amsterdam. Sharing without Caring

The King of the Netherlands (I kid you not) had his birthday yesterday, 27-4-19. The city of Amsterdam always turns into one big fleamarket on Kingsday. Kingsday is always crowded because this is the only day it’s allowed for everybody to sell anything on the streets. We don’t know the origin of this custom, please look that up if you are really interested.

Weather-wise it wasn’t such a good day for shopping and selling outside. Lot’s of wind and rain made sure that the flea-market-fun was cut short. So a lot of people just left their unsold stuff lying in the street, didn’t clean up or anything and went on their way. Most likely to drink more beer because that’s another custom during Kingsday.

You must now that this is all perfectly good stuff that’s left behind. Many clothes, kitchen appliances, lamps, books, jewelry and also lot’s of toys. Vintage records and antique collectables were left in the rain for garbage. The waste-collectors came as early as 7 o’clock PM. Seeing everything just being trown away and not recycled made us sad: it all seems very respectless.

To cheer ourselves up, we managed to save a pair of black pumps, never-worn plastic Primark pumps, which we are never gonna wear, but throwing away new shoes…we just can’t.

Mermaid Hair is Blue

Mermaid Hair is Blue

Just google it, it’s true! What do you say? You want that too?!

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A Bachelor Girl in 1950

A Bachelor Girl in 1950A Bachelor Girl in 1950

LIFE featured a bachelor girl in 1950, 21-year-old Peggy Cross, was followed by photographer Nina Leen during her pre-marriage days.
“Bride’s four showers. With this practical haul Peggy Cross is set to keep house.” see/read more (Photocredits; Nina Leen—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images)

See how Jeong Mee Yoon photographed Japanese children with their stuff in the same manner as above

Adventure #25 : Tosti at the Storage Unit

Adventure #25 : Tosti at the Storage Unit. Not only is our little hero a homeowner, he also has got a shop to run. Coat of many colours is the name of the web shop he has to fill up every day of the week. The other day he made the trip to the storage unit for yet another batch of lovely home accesories.

Colorful Compositions

Colorful Compositions

Pretty but useless? We don’t think so, these compositions are Ab-So-Lut-Ely very inspiring!
Colorful Compositions
Nathalie Chikhi ‘s coloured Popsicle sticks. (Thahanks Design Milk)
Kontor Kontur
The color coordinated products below are photographed by Kontor Kontur. Kontor Kontur is a Swedish design office, working with graphic design, product design and interior design in Gothenburg. The group met at HDK School of Design and Crafts at University of Gothenburg,. Kontor Kontur
Colorful Compositions
Colorful Compositions


All the colors can be bought as an A5 Postcard. (Thahanks Munny Hess)